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Hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii) is a big splash as a weight loss without support of large scientific evidence of their effectiveness. This Cactus, grown in the Kalahari desert of Africa, traditionally the Bushmen, has become a very bad master, eaten to scare hunger during long journeys. Analysis of South African scientists who discovered Cactus is called included a unknown molecule P57. What I understand affects nerve cells in the hypothalamus-the part of the brain that controls appetite, this theoretical molecule by clicking on the blood glucose level. P57 is rest areas is much stronger than the glucose as a signal to the hypothalamus, food. In the animal studies Hoodia appetite suppressed rats so-called dramatically and studying a human being, a daily calorie group of overweight volunteers who tried fell 1000 calories, but were invited to eat. Apparently, I say here because I read the reports of these studies only. I might have traces of studies. Regarding the ProductsDr good. Because the herbal supplements vitamins & Advisor-if you are interested in supplementing your diet and you want to get the secret of choosing vitamins, to trade with Rd. Vitamin Advisor to Weil. Visit Dr vitamin recommendation today to advise its free and personalized. If you do an Internet search for benefits of Hoodia you thousands of visitors, most commercial sales areas will receive the pills weight loss aid called miracle. They are for real? I can cover only on a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation, the pass sent a correspondent of the Kalahari to this story. In its investigation, the proven leader in Hoodia Gordonii mark Internet available: journalists do not contain any Hoodia recognizable. BBC correspondent will have been reported, as the real thing in the Kalahari, ate a piece of Hoodia half size of a banana. He said that the factory had an unpleasant taste, but it was not hungry for dinner and breakfast in the morning or the day. Ate later that eat, but without much appetite or pleasure. It was reported that his appetite 24 hours after eating Hoodia returned. Whether Hoodia also offers these reports so that profits could be unidirectional controls weight. But I have my doubts. The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer returned in 2003, but has acquired hoodia dr oz the rights for the clinical development of Hoodia with a British company in 1998. One day, we can learn that it is advantageous for Hoodia and promotes efficient suppress appetite, but until you would lose money on products that is not proven, and can contain any hoodia weight loss. Visit Andrew Weil, library of Q and r of Mr d. Dr. Weil answers to other questions, your health and your lifestyle,. .