Hoodia Cps

Peer counseling is a kind of elective middle school, which includes awareness-raising activities through activities structured a complete range of services for students, the school and the innovative areas in the school.   Fellow consultants are a representative sample of partisan students peer and listeners assets for his comrades.   The program focuses on prevention and daily life.   It covers a wide range of social concerns, individuals, schools, and families, and focuses on the themes of violence and the prevention of drug abuse.   Peer advisors provide their colleagues with individual requests for assistance, a variety of other services.   They act as mediators and guardians in peer conflict, provide presentations on issues among teens, welcome new students and promote classroom includes programs to combat bullying, violence prevention.   More information on peer counseling programs, click on our video gallery. Peer advisory mission is the development and improvement of health, safety and welfare of our young hoodia cps people with emphasis on peers through a comprehensive education and the curriculum, which includes social skills and emotional and referred academic opportunities, awareness, peer mediation for student services. The core of par Advisory program is an academic school, including by building skills in communication, problem solving and decision making. It will provide a variety of social, educational, family and individual. A rigorous and selection torque to increase the Adviser training the likelihood that appropriate assistance can be seen by the people. The objective of the programme is preventive. Used a variety of intervention strategies, but to educate and motivate the participants, or participate in qualified professionals, if needed. The result can be a safe and positive school environment, students and employees with less stress and a better use of healthier school and community resources. Through education, play role of peers and training advisors are trained to help their peers.   Requirements for services of administrators, teachers, students, leaders of school resources, counselors, parents, and others are the Coordinator of the program, which was classified and numbered competent consultants offer help. In addition the work individually and in groups, advisors pairs students with a wide range of other services. They act as mediators and guardians conflict between pairs, groups or classes in the school and in the region, helping to provide presentations of classroom, welcome to new students and promote special projects. Peer counseling curriculum serves two college semesters and course of the secondary school of six semesters, with the necessary condition for the screening and testing at all levels. This course is an elective class that a range comprehensive services for students, school and innovation through structured area in the school and offers awareness-raising activities. It is a mentoring program at the same level in each University and secondary school in the Broward County public schools. .